Madeira’s mission: to launch women who change the world

Along with the mega-trends that are shaping education at every level, we know that in order to have our graduates launch and change the world they must be practiced and skillful listeners, problem identifiers, problem solvers, and culturally responsive.

Madeira’s vision: to lead innovation in girls’ education

Four research-backed mega-trends shape innovation in schools today – each of which is addressed in Madeira’s return to learning plan.

  1. Thinking strategically about what graduates should know and be able to do
  2. Learning actively in the physical and digital world
  3. Demonstrating mastery and competencies
  4. Integrating supports to boost learner success

Student and teacher safety and wellbeing

We are using the latest research and guidelines as communicated by the CDC, the Virginia Department of Education, and Fairfax County Department of Public Health, to prioritize the health and well-being of students and staff, mitigate COVID-19 transmission, and maintain healthy environments for learning and living at Madeira. The School is offering learning opportunities that accommodate both in-person and distance learning.

Schedule flexibility & personalization

Our schedule allows for both synchronous and asynchronous learning and a high degree of personalization in each class.

Community and relationships

We are maximizing opportunities for social and emotional growth through safe and intentional small group social connection and extracurriculars.

Metacognition & student self-reflection

Each student will track her progress toward personal goals through data and exemplars - showcasing her growth and outcomes.


We pledge to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Madeira's Principles & Philosophy