Community Preparedness

Madeira’s COVID-19 Response Team is closely following guidance from the CDC, as well as meeting regularly with local and national health and risk mitigation experts, to review guidelines and recommendations for reopening schools in congregate living and higher education facilities to mitigate COVID-19 risk.


  • Prior to the start of the 2020-21 school year, training materials specific to COVID-19 mitigation strategies will be shared with staff, students, and families. These materials may include in-person sessions during Orientation, recorded sessions that are viewed virtually, written materials, videos, and new health and wayfinding signage.

  • Topics will include:

    • how to wear a face covering,

    • how to care for a face covering,

    • appropriate physical-distancing,

    • self-care measures to prevent spread of COVID-19,

    • how to wash hands,

    • health screening protocol using school’s chosen app,

    • recognizing the signs and symptoms of COVID –19, what to do when one suspects exposure to or infection with COVID-19, roles in cleaning and disinfecting spaces. 




  • Wellness House, staffed by registered nurses, is located in the first rowhouse next to the Student Center.

  • Hours of care will be Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM for well students seeking assistance with first aid, emotional health, and other non-contagious illness/medical needs.

  • Students will also meet with their outside healthcare providers in this location by appointment only.

  • Students with athletic injuries and first aid needs will be cared for by the Madeira Athletic Trainer during afternoon/early evening hours Monday through Friday.

  • Students will continue to seek first aid and minor medical aid from Dean of Students Office staff and Dorm Parents when Wellness House is closed, per our normal routine.  


  • For students who are feeling unwell with signs and symptoms of possible contagious illnesses, the current Health and Wellness Center building is now the Health Concern Center.

  • Three separate areas of care have been established to handle COVID-19 isolation, COVID-19 quarantine, and care of students with other possible contagious illnesses (i.e., influenza, strep throat, GI virus, etc).

  • The Health Concern Center will be staffed 24/7 by registered nurses.


  • Two full-time counselors will be available to students in person in Wellness House during the school week and will continue to be on-call for emergency mental health needs after hours and on weekends.

  • A variety of wellness activities and programs will be offered each week during advisory time, the lunch period, and at the end of the school day in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office.



  • Cloth face covering must be worn over mouth and nose at all times when on Madeira campus, other than when eating or sleeping. Students may elect to wear face masks which cover mouth and nose instead.


  • De-Densifying

    • Classroom capacities have been reduced to allow for 6-foot social distancing in classrooms, and additional spaces have been designated as classrooms.

    • All classrooms will be set for proper social distancing. Communal areas will have signage and reduced seating to comply with CDC guidelines. Ridership on buses will be reduced to comply with CDC guidelines

Maximizing Outdoor Locations

  • Students will be encouraged to utilize our many wonderful outdoor spaces on campus during their free time throughout the day. We will be placing furniture to allow for social distancing in these spaces and are adding some outdoor dining space adjacent to the Student Center.

  • Limiting Gatherings

    • Madeira will comply with the Virginia Department of Education guidance about large gatherings. To start the school year, all Community Meeting Times (CMTs) will be held virtually.

  • Signage

    • We will have signage posted throughout campus indicating how many people can occupy a room/area or elevator, direction of traffic, where to stand in a queuing line, etc. There will also be signage throughout campus to reinforce behaviors, such as proper handwashing, that support community health.


  • To the maximum extent possible, all classes and student activities will be designed to allow for individual use of equipment and instruments.

  • Where needed, students will be trained on responsible usage and cleaning between use of shared instruments and equipment. Madeira will remain a“bring your own device” school for computers. 


  • We have always strongly encouraged students to receive an annual influenza vaccination.

  • This year, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, influenza vaccination is a requirement (medical and religious exemptions not withstanding). It is important that we do all that we can to decrease infections from other sources, including the flu, in our community.

  • In the absence of a COVID-19 vaccine, knowing our students have received the influenza vaccine may help us more quickly identify cases of COVID-19 and separate these students from other community members.

  • Early influenza vaccination clears the way for later COVID-19 vaccination efforts, while also helping to prevent our school health facilities, as well as local clinics and hospitals, from surpassing their capacity for care.

  • Influenza vaccination may help prevent vulnerabilities caused by influenza during the current and possible future waves of COVID-19 infection.

  • Most U.S. physicians and clinics will have this year’s influenza vaccination available by late summer/early autumn. Please keep our school community’s well-being a top priority and arrange for your student to receive the influenza vaccine this year.



  • Students will self-screen daily for COVID-19 symptoms using a school-designated app.

  • Temperatures will be checked first thing every morning, in carpool line for day students and in dorms for boarders.

  • A second screening will take place between C and D block for day students, and at dorm check-in each evening for boarders.