2021-22 School Protocols


Madeira follows the Virginia Department of Health Dashboard

Physical distancing

We’ve received guidance for three feet of physical distancing where possible. We will be following that guidance until advised otherwise.

On campus instruction

Madeira’s academic program will be delivered as it normally would for the school year 2021-2022. All classes will be in-person, performances will return to normal as will athletics events.


The School community will be engaged in wearing masks for the entirety of Mod 1. Our mask protocol will reflect the CDC guidance reflecting an emphasis of mask wearing indoors vs outdoors.

COVID Testing

All students are asked to arrive on campus with a negative PCR test. Upon the completion of a 14-day period, we will pursue surveillance testing for non-vaccinated community members.

Auxiliary Rentals

Auxiliary rentals will return to their full capacity.

Vaccine requirement

At this time, we are not requiring the vaccine, however, we strongly encourage all eligible members of the community to get vaccinated.

Health screenings and temperature checks

At this time, neither is required.

Common spaces

Additional guidance related to common spaces will be provided in the near future.