How has Co-Curriculum been impacted by COVID-19?

Summer is a time for the Co-Curriculum Program to line up new partners, re-affirm our relationships with existing partners, evaluate the program’s logistics, review the program’s academic integration, and begin securing internships for those students assigned to an early mod of Co-Curriculum. Added to our work for this summer is ensuring that students’ participation in the program supports the health guidelines outlined by state and local health officials as well as Madeira’s efforts to minimize the risk to our school’s community.

The uncertainty brought by COVID-19 has interfered with the necessary long-range planning of the Co-Curriculum Program. While current and future partners have expressed interest in working with Madeira students, at this point they are not able to commit to what that partnership will look like. We are therefore preparing for multiple scenarios so as to ensure girls have access to a rich internship experience whether in-person or virtual.

Will there be in-person internships this year?

It is our sincere hope that all students will be able to participate in in-person internships this year, but this hope is highly dependent upon the situation with COVID-19. Therefore, we are developing grade-level specific alternatives to in-person internships that offer students the same opportunities for intrapersonal growth, the development of workplace skills, opportunities for teamwork and professional networking, and continued integration with our academic programs that they would experience with in-person internships. For juniors and seniors, “virtual internships” will be a robust experience that we can deploy if conditions require. As the name suggests, virtual internships are internships that are conducted away from the physical place of the office or organization, using online and digital technologies to connect the intern with the supervisor and staff and to complete work. Virtual internships allow students to experience these primary elements of in-person internships, as well as preparing our students how to learn, work, and engage people using a variety of technologies. For sophomores, the service learning, teamwork, and skills building will take place on campus, combining in-person activities with online learning when needed.

What are the guidelines that will govern the School’s decision about an in-person placement vs a virtual placement?

When making decisions about in-person internships, The Madeira School will adhere to Virginia’s reopening guidelines for schools and employers. While Virginia is in Phases I (view Phase I details), II (view Phase II details), or III (view Phase III details), or is under stay-at-home orders, Madeira students will not have in-person internships. Two mods in advance of a student’s Co-Curriculum mod, Madeira will make a determination about in-person internships for that mod based upon regional conditions and the current reopening phase.

What are the Co-Curriculum mods for 2020-2021?

So as to give us the most advantageous lead up to placing students during COVID-19, the Co-Curriculum mods will start in January. Juniors and Seniors are assigned to a Co-Curriculum mod in either Mods 4, 5, 6, or 7. Sophomores are assigned to a Co-Curriculum mod in either Mods 5 or 6.

Can internships be set-up ahead of time so that they can do virtual Capitol Hill internships should the school and DC region shut down again?

All juniors enrolled in Junior Year Co-Curriculum will have an internship, either in person or virtual. The Co-Curriculum Office will be working well ahead of your Co-Curriculum mod to set up the internship.

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