August 6, 2021

Dear Students and Families,

With an eye toward the prospect of a tremendous year of learning in the healthiest environment possible, the School’s COVID Response Team is sharing the following update about community health protocols, based upon current COVID-19 information. As has been our practice, all our decisions will be informed by the collective guidance of the CDC and the Virginia Departments of Health and Education. As well, we will continue to be in regular contact with other leading medical experts within and outside of the independent school world.

We strongly encourage all eligible students, faculty, and staff get vaccinated for COVID19. As School resumes, we anticipate that 80-85% of the Madeira community will be fully vaccinated. That number is expected to increase by the start of Mod 2. Our goal is for all students, families, faculty, and staff to have a robust year with full engagement in the Madeira experience while maintaining high health standards and COVID mitigation
strategies. Below is a summary of our community health protocols for the upcoming
school year. Should the rising prevalence of the Delta variant shift requirements, we will
revise our protocols as needed. We will update our Community Health site regularly.

2021-22 School Year Protocols:

  • On campus instruction: Madeira’s academic program will be delivered as it normally would for the school year 2021-2022. All classes, performances, athletics events, etc. will be in-person.

  • Masking: The Madeira community will wear masks indoors for the entirety of Mod 1, per CDC guidance.

  • COVID Testing: At this time, all students are required to arrive on campus with a negative PCR test. Upon the completion of a 14-day period, we will pursue surveillance testing for non-vaccinated community members.

  • Physical distancing: We are following the VA Department of Health guidance of three feet of physical distancing indoors where possible. 

  • Outside Facility Rentals: Outside groups who have rented our facilities (such as the pool, volleyball courts, or fields) will be on campus at designated times and locations.

  • Vaccine requirement: We strongly encourage all eligible members of the community to get vaccinated, though at this time Madeira is not requiring the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Health screenings and temperature checks: At this time, neither is required but may be re-instituted if conditions change

The protocols above represent the most relevant topics of COVID information. There may be additional questions and/or points of information that your family will want or need as the school year gets underway. Please submit any COVID-related questions HERE. We commit ourselves to communicating COVID updates as they arise and as
we see changing dynamics such as the Delta variant and/or other metrics that may prompt a change in our protocols. 


We look forward to having the Madeira community together on campus once more.

Andre’ Withers
Assistant Head of School on behalf of the COVID Response Team