August 19, 2021

Dear Madeira Families:

We look forward to the start of the school year in just a few days. We are writing to remind you of the community health protocols that were shared on August 6 as well as some recent updates. The School’s COVID Response Team continues to meet regularly to review and update our protocols as guidance from the CDC, Virginia Departments of Health and Education, and the Fairfax County Department of Public Health evolves and as the prevalence of the Delta variant shifts. We will continue to communicate updates to the community.  


2021-22 School Year Protocols: 

  • On campus instruction: Madeira’s academic program will be delivered as it normally would for the school year 2021-2022. All classes, performances, athletics events, etc. will be in-person. 

  • Masking: The Madeira community will wear masks indoors as mandated by the Governor of Virginia. Masks are not required outdoors. (updated 8/16) 

  • Pre-Arrival PCR Testing: All students are required to take a PCR test within 72 hours before arriving at Madeira. Negative test results must be submitted to the Health Center before coming to campus. (updated 8/16) 

  • Surveillance Testing: Upon the completion of a 14-day period, we will pursue surveillance testing for non-vaccinated community members. 

  • Physical distancing: We are following the VA Department of Health guidance of three feet of physical distancing indoors where possible.

  • Dorms: All students are expected to wear masks in the dorms except when washing and while in their own room. Curtains will be set up so that there can be a barrier between roommates to assist with maintaining social distancing. Day students and interdorm visitors can visit the dorm common rooms between the hours of 8am-7pm. The common rooms will be a no eating/no drinking space. 

  • School visitors: Visitors to campus (including family members, invited guests, delivery/service personnel etc.) are expected to follow all Madeira protocols. (updated 8/16) 

  • Outside Facility Rentals: Outside groups who have rented our facilities (such as the pool, volleyball courts, or fields) will be on campus at designated times and locations. These visitors are expected to follow all Madeira protocols. (updated 8/16) 

  • Vaccine requirement: We strongly encourage all eligible members of the community to get vaccinated, though at this time Madeira is not requiring the COVID-19 vaccine. 

  • Health screenings and temperature checks: At this time, neither is required but may be re-instituted if conditions change.

  • Athletic Competitions: We will follow the ISL guidelines. All indoor sports participants and spectators must wear a mask while indoors, regardless of vaccination status. 

Please submit any COVID-related questions HERE. We look forward to the year ahead.



Andre’ Withers 
Assistant Head of School on behalf of the COVID Response Team  


Madeira Community Health site
Virginia Department of Health Coronavirus (
Fairfax County COVID site