What does a 14-day quarantine look like?

Madeira follows the CDC guidelines regarding quarantining. 

The best way to prevent COVID-19 illness in our community is for Madeira students, faculty, and staff to avoid exposure to the virus. Fourteen days provides enough time for you to know whether you will become ill and/or be contagious to other people if you’ve been exposed to the virus.  
Self-quarantine for Madeira COVID-19 purposes means: 


  • Staying at home except for essential outings 

  • Not having visitors 

  • Avoiding public transportation 

  • Wearing a cloth face covering when you must leave home 

  • Maintaining 6-foot social distance from other people when you must leave home, as well as from those in your household who are routinely leaving home

  • Not sharing things like towels and utensils 

  • Practicing standard hygiene measures (i.e., cover mouth/nose when sneezing, using inside elbow to cover sneeze, placing used tissues in the trash can) 

  • Frequent handwashing (20 second minimum) or use of hand-sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol 

  • Being alert for symptoms of COVID-19 by tracking symptoms twice daily and temperature once daily (don’t worry, we’ll send you a link to the app we choose) 

  • Staying away from people who are sick, even inside your own home  


You may be wondering: 

Can I go to the _____? (grocery store, movies, restaurant, party) 
No.  These are the non-essential kinds of activities we are asking you to avoid, as you risk exposure to many people in these settings. 
Can I keep my doctor’s appointment? 
Yes. Routine examination and immunization appointments, as well as sick-visits, are essential and encouraged.  Your doctor’s office will have protocols in place to minimize your risk of exposure to those who are ill. 
What if I work? 
We are asking that you do not work in a public-facing job for these 14 days if you are coming on campus for the start of school. If a student works at a public-facing job past the start of school self-quarantine date, she can begin the school year with distance learning for the 14-day period.
But my parents/siblings are going to work every day.  How am I different? 
Your risk of infection increases with each direct contact you have with another person.  You bring your own exposures with you when you come to campus. 
Does this apply to day students? If so, why? 
Yes. The best way to establish and maintain community health is for everyone to make it a priority.  Each individual layer of protection we provide for one another makes a collective difference for everyone.  
How does this affect my vacation plans? 
It may not. For example, if your plans include travel by car with members of your household to a beach house, you will still be able to essentially maintain self-quarantine conditions and utilize the designated health-tracking app twice daily. 
You need to rethink if your plans include travel by public transportation to locations where you will be mixing with crowds of people (i.e., amusement park, large resorts, crowded beaches) or a trip with lots of outings (i.e., mini-golf, boardwalks, museums, tours). 
What about staying at an Airbnb or hotel on my drive to Madeira? 
We would ask that you check with your lodging location for cleaning and housekeeping protocols prior to arrival, to make sure you believe you can stay overnight without increasing your risk of exposure.